GENERAL SANTOS CITY – On June 2013 a justification was drafted by Percival Pasuelo, ICT Division Head as required by CSC through the Human Resource Management and Development Office. The office of ICTD has eight (8) newly appointed employees whose appointments were questioned. The creation of the division was mandated through SP Ordinance No.14 Series of 2012 and SP Resolution No. 5 Series of 2012. The following statements were the justification of ICTD, to wit:

There is an apparent and urgent need to create an office for the information, communication and technology division (ICTD) under the City Mayors Office; and appoint different personnel as the IT needs of different departments under the LGU General Santos City is increasing which can be equated to the urbanization happening right now in the city plus the increasing rate of local migrancy.

The need to automate different systems are likewise crucial both to the internal and external stakeholders. Employees need to systematically work and deliver fast and efficient results to be used by its department and not to delay the services to its external stakeholders which are the common public.

The Local Government Unit of General Santos City with an annual internal revenue allotment of around 900M plus clearly requires automation and integration of different systems among the different departments. The industrialization era has now been replaced with knowledge-based industry including the promotion and enhancement under information technology. Thus, the creation of ICT division in 2012 can bring more positive results and hiring personnel in 2013 can make this division operate smoothly and perform its daily operation efficiently to provide services to its stakeholders.

For the division to successfully implement its plans and programs, a unified system integration need to be put in place by coordinating constantly with the end-users for a possible integration of any common system and to discourage duplication of data entry to uphold data integrity among and within the local government offices implementing policies on data confidentiality and security without jeopardizing the availability of data whith we believe is the most important component of information assurance.

Due to the continuous upgrading of computer systems and the periodic maintenance of work flow from different agencies, there is a need to update the Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP) to adapt to the changes and for continuous implementation and maintenance.

-Percival pasuelo January 7, 2014

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