GENERAL SANTOS CITY (January 13, 2015) – On-the-Job students from six schools in General Santos City are now finalizing their requirement in complying with ICTD tasks given to them. Resume-making and Speed Typing skills are basic tools necessary for the career preparation right after graduation. As newly graduates, most fresh grads are facing the dilemma on how to sell themselves through the presentation of resume.

Percival Pasuelo, ICT Division Head, foresees the need to assist the students before graduating thus hands-on training in these two skillsets are included in the roster of training materials. In November to December 2014, ICTD through its “academy” conducted series of trainings to these students. It was a two-way purpose, the students learned new or immerging technologies, sysdev strategies and ICTD on the other hand benefitted from the support services of these student-trainees.

Before March 2015, these 32 students will be equipped with more knowledge and actual hands-on skills needed in their own career pathing. Schools who allowed their students to be trained at ICTD include the following:

  1. ACA Sargen = 11 technical students
  2. Holy Trinity College = 2 BS Office Admin students
  3. STI General Santos – 5 BS Information Technology students
  4. Stratford Internation School – 2 BS Information Technology students
  5. ACLC General Santos = 2 technical students
  6. Villamor College of Business and Arts = 10 technical education students

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