GENERAL SANTOS CITY (February 3, 2015) – ICTD and CEMCDO Special Projects Division finally come up with a decision to begin the requested information system development. Joaquin Tiongco, CEMCDO SPCD Head, approved he deployment of one computer programmer with job order status of employment under the budget coming from their office while working the programming codes and scripts at the ICTD office with the rest of system development team.

The assessment phase of SDLC is spearheaded by Anna Lou Buyco and Irene Casipe, both from ICTD and holding a Computer Programmer I job order status. They set a 2-3 regular interview with the frontline users represented by Rem Floyd Herceda, Cooperative Development Specialist I from CEMCDO SPC Division.

The proposed system will streamline the auto-generation of reports in-line wih the services provided by the division like monitoring of loan processing and releases of cooperative members and micro-enterpreneurs of the city.

On December 2, 2014, ICT Division under the City Mayor’s Office, led by Percival Pasuelo, IT Officer II and Division Chief with Leonard Pe, IT Officer I presented the system development life cycle, the internal agreement with both offices, terms, conditions and responsibilities of each division. The business information protocols and strategies were discussed by Roy Detoyato, Data Controller II.

With the information system components addressed, especially the peopleware concern, the proposed CEMCDO system can be implemented within 2015.

Rem Floyd Herceda, CEMCDO-SPCD staff and Anna Lou Buyco, Computer Programmer from ICT Division discuss the Business Information Protocols and Services as part of the assessment phase under the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Photos by Roger Tura and the ICTD Hardware and Software Support Services

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