Percival Pasuelo, IT Officer II – Division Chief and Leonard Pe, IT Officer I, both from ICTD presented the Electronic Archiving System to City Asst. Administrator Gabriel Francis Glenville N. Gonzales on February 25, 2015 at the Conference Room of the City Administrators Office, General Santos City.

GENERAL SANTOS CITY (February 25, 2015) – Asst. City Administrator Gabriel Francis Glenville N. Gonzales requested the Information and Communications Technology Division (ICTD) under the City Mayor’s Office through Percival Pasuelo, IT Officer II – Division Chief, to present the Electronic Archiving System, an in-house developed electronic records management.

 Leonard Pe, IT Officer I, started conceptualizing how to digitize the hardcopy documents into electronic form and completed the coding and programming in the last quarter of 2014 where it was born. It is aimed to digitize documents either through scanning or the use of digital cameras, store the electronic form, validate the record and eventually retrieve the clean record efficiently and effectively in real time.

The finish product is done in compliance with the National Archives of the Philippines Act of 2007 under Republic Act 9470. According to that law, ”It is the policy of the State to protect, conserve, promote and popularize the nation’s historical and cultural heritage and resources. The State shall pursue, conserve and promote the Filipino cultural heritage and resources including the documentary records of Filipino culture, historyand governance.

The State shall give utmost priority for the safeguard, protection and preservation of the public documents and records not only as fundamental instruments for efficient and effective governance nut also as essential tools for the preservation of the country’s history and cultural memory.

Toward this end all public records with enduring value, held by government offices including but not limited to all branches of government, constitutional offices, local government units (LGUs), government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs), state/local universities, and colleges, Philippine embassies, consulates and other Philippine Offices abroad shall be transferred to a permanent government repository for proper management, control and regulation of records disposition.”

Once the system is implemented, it may minimize office space as hardcopy documents that are digitized already can be piled outside the main office.

Roger Tura, Data Controller I, facilitated the technical aspect of the presentation while Mary Claudette Benatero, Computer Programmer I and Charles Henry Luma, Admin Aide VI, conducted the documentation. The February 25, 2015 ICTD presentation ended with the advice of the Asst. City Administrator for ICTD to facilitate the hardware PR of other departments to fasttrack bidding and awarding in a most efficient and effective processes.

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