GENERAL SANTOS CITY (March 31, 2015) – Based on RA 9485 also known as The Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 defined as an act to improve efficiency in the delivery of government service to the public by reducing bureaucratic red tape preventing graft and corruption, and providing penalties therefor”, the ICTD is developing an Electronic Citizen Assistance Desk (e-CAD) as a tool to aid local government employees to monitor closely the status of stakeholder’s concern from the time he entered the office concerned until the time an action is taken to address his concern.

The idea of computerizing the citizen assistance desk come from the City Social Works and Development Office (CSWDO) where a manual process is already in-placed and practiced by their infodesk. The downside of the manual system is that a piece of paper needs to be filled-up by the attenting employee and given to the stakeholder. In the proposed automated system, the downside is the hardware requirement since the e-CAD must be networked locally to monitor closely if a transaction is pending and not yet addressed.

According to ICT Division Chief – Percival Pasuelo, IT Officer II, e-CAD is like DTS or Document Tracking System. In eCad, the stakeholder is being tracked if his concern is attended within specific time whereas the latter, the document is monitored if action has been taken.

e-CAD is assigned to Creighton, NC-IV volunteer programmer. Currently, the system is under the System Analysis Design Phase spearheaded by Roy Detoyato, Data Controller II and designated as Information Systems Analyst. He functions as Network Engineer of the division aside from his role as SA.

Target completion is set on the fourth quarter of the yer 2015. By 2016, eCAD will be offered once again to all the 23 departments and 10 divisions under the City Mayors Office of the Local Government Unit of General Santos City.

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