GENERAL SANTOS CITY (April 10, 2015) – New Windows-based computer application systems for development are embodied in ICTD’s 2015 Departmental Plan (DP) under the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS). These seven new systems undergo the software or system development life cycle (SDLC) and the Electronic Government Enterprise Architecture (EGEA).

ICTD simplified all the methodologies contained in EGEA by establishing its own framework called the BIPS or the Business Process Information and Strategies consisting of Business Process, SIPOC Analysis, Data Services, Application Services and Hardware Architecture for now. The end product of this artchitecture is the process map where both the tasks and the staff involved are clearly shown intersecting along the way.

The idea of EGEA is to guide the ICTD in drafting the right questions to be asked to the requesting office in order to design the architecture thoroughly addressing the needs through solutions found during the EGA processes.
Over and above the EGEA is the standardized SDLC as tool to monitor project management from Pre-Assessment, IS and HW Assessment, SAD, Programming, Testing, Maintenance, and Replication. Each of the phases has staff involved ensuring successful turn-outs of targets.

Leonard Pe, IT Officer I, monitors the detailed doables of the system development team using cloud technology to share the gantt chart online and provide opportunity to staff to update their project status. Percival Pasuelo, IT Officer II, oversees the whole project management.

The systems comprise the following, to wit:
Employment and Livelihood Information System
Youth and Development Information System
Population and Management Information System
Building Inspection and Permit Information System
Community Tax Information System
Social Protection and Services Information System
Special Projects and Cooperative Information System

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