GENERAL SANTOS CITY (April 14, 2015) – First quarter Operations Review for the System Development Group of ICT Division was completed successfully on April 13, 2015 at the CENRO Conference Room.

Three considerably “big” systems implemented in 2014 namely Real Property Tax System, City Health Information System and Civil Registry Information System were on the maintenance phases as enhancements were continuously put in place based on the need and request of the respective (system) users. ICTD provides technical support as it is a usual part of the software development life cycle.

Document Tracking System, Claims Monitoring System, Finance Docu Track and Accountable Forms Monitoring System were likewise given priority by ICTD in terms of continuous support to users. These “small” systems were implemented in 2014 but need to be continued in 2015 through updates or enhancements.

In the 1st Quarter of 2015, ICTD systems development (SysDev) group completed its finalization of the assessment processes in seven new systems as proposed. It included the Employment and Livelihood Information System (ELIS), Youth Development Information System (YDIS), Population Management Infor mation System (PMIS), Social Protection and Services Information System (SPSIS), Building Inspection and Permit Information System (BIPIS).

Mark Junnies Narido, Data Controller II, started the RPTS in July 2013 and continuously develops the enhancements of RPTS. YDIS is also handled by Narido. Maria Corazon Soriano, Data Controller II, spearheaded the development of CRIS and on-going improvement. PMIS is likewise handled by Soriano. Kent Nino Paler, Computer Operator I, programmed the CHIS and currently doing the AFaMS. Mary Claudette Benatero and William Milo, both Computer Programmer I under job order status will be doing the SPSIS. Dimple Fermase, another Computer Programmer I under JO status, will program the BIPIS. By the third and fourth quarters of 2015, testing and turn-over of systems is set in ICTD’s performance targets.

2015 is indeed another challenging year for ICTD with new systems on deck. With the innovations and creations adopted in the uphill challenge is expected to be tough.

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