GENERAL SANTOS CITY (April 21, 2015) –This Summer 2015 marks another challenging milestone for ICTD as OJT (on-the-job trainees) from different schools taking up BSIT or BSCS are immersed at ICTD for an industry-standard IT experience particularly in developing computer systems. Time constraint is the main concern with only 240 hours allotted for the whole period. This 240-hour actual has-on exposure is in compliance with the CHED requirement. ICTD on its part opts to let the students create smaller yet effective apps. These are simple, easy to develop yet has wider in scope as to usability and adaptability with other offices.

The following small apps or applications are either for enhancements only or for new development, to wit:
DOCUMENT TRACKING SYSTEM or LG-DTS, originally programmed by Percival Pasuelo, ICT Division Chief in 1998 using VB4 on Access97 and enhanced by Leonard Pe, IT Officer I, in 2001 until the latter revised and upgraded a newest version in 2013.

E-RECORDS SYSTEM, which is conceptualized and developed by Roy Detoyato, Data Conroller II aimed to digitally store documents in electronic format filed electronically in particular databases for fast and easy retrieval of specific e-documents.

E-ARCHIVING SYSTEM, created and innovated by Leonard Pe, IT Officer I, and subject for enhancement after the system was presented to interested departments..

ATTENDANCE MONITORING SYSTEM, developed by one of the OJTs in 2014, William Milo, who is now one of the newest job order employees as Computer Programmer I. Enhancements are needed to adapt to new requirement.

E-QUIZ, LISTENING SKILLS TEST, TIME-TRACKING are new apps for development.

The list goes on and on as ideas, innovations and creations are being discussed on a daily basis at ICTD. Anybody who has the idea may present and the rest of the team may contribute some tips, tricks and strategies to come up with a more practical and usable apps or system.


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