Initial meeting for the creation of City library domain on

GENERAL SANTOS CITY, Philippines — The internet has changed the way we live it started as something that we could access only through a computer but nowadays it is accessible and it is everywhere. In modern time’s people seek change and competitive resources like the World Wide Web for fast and reliable use.

We are proud to announce that The Office of City Library of General Santos has revolutionize its resources and bought us an enormous volume of helpful and valuable data. Just this day, the office Information and Communication Technology Division Head- Percival Pasuelo, and Executive Assistant Francis Canlas conducts a coordinating meeting with the City Library Head Cecilia Guanza to discuss the finalization of the City Library’s official website and other works for the refinement of the City Library.

The Office of the City Library anticipates for the growing community of today’s generation to cope with the integration of the new wave of information technology.


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