Undas 2022 tips

In the Philippines, All Saints Day- November 1, and All Souls Day- November 02 are widely observed.


Declared as National holidays in the Philippines, many Filipinos visit cemeteries to remember their departed loved ones.


People use it to their advantage to recall and pay tribute to those loved ones who have passed away. Avoiding lengthy commutes and crammed cemeteries might not be possible, but taking extra precautions and being extra prepared can affect how you choose to observe All Souls Day.


Despite the risks of spreading the virus, some municipalities allow civilians with complete vaccination to visit their local cemeteries in preparation for Undas. The public is also urged to pray privately if at all feasible in order to avoid crowding cemeteries and preventing the transmission of the Covid 19 virus.


Here are some smart tips for a worry free Undas 2022.


Upon leaving, here are some reminders what you can do:


  1. Check electricity wirings, stoves are turned off. Safely unplug if not used
  2. Make sure windows and doors are locked to avoid burglars from coming in.
  3. If possible ask a trusted neighbor to look after your house before leaving.


Upon entering the cemetery, here are the things you might consider:


  1.  Avoid bringing Valuables, Alcoholic Beverages and Sharp Objects upon entering the cemetery
  2. Parents with Children below 12 years old are advised not to enter any public cemetery (make sure to accompany your children at all times)
  3. Bring extra clothes food and enough water before entering the cemetery to avoid dehydration
  4. Bring disinfectants.
  5. Always wear your face masks
  6. Avoid the crowd and stay with your family.


The authorities also encourage the public to maintain social distancing, and always check law enforcers patrolling the cemeteries in cases of emergencies.- Mary Grace Polistico

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