HTC BSCS|BSIT Students Complete 486 OJT Hours at ICTD

GENERAL SANTOS CITY (June 8, 2023) – The BS in Information Technology students from the Holy Trinity College of General Santos City completed their on-the-job training at the City Mayor's Office - INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY DIVISION (CMO-ICTD) this June 2023. 

Britz Boy programmed the E-Locator system using Dart/Flutter to monitor employees who are out of the office. It records their timings, locations, and reasons for being out-of-the-office, and displays this data on large screens in the office. The system is easy to use and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, including a mobile app. It also offers detailed reports on employee activity, which can be used to analyze trends and ensure compliance with local government policies. Overall, it helps office heads stay on top of their team’s whereabouts and ensure that everyone is where they need to be when needed.

Jessica C. Caparos was assigned to code the E-Attendance System that automates the process of tracking employee attendance. The current manual process is prone to errors and can cause inconvenience and delay if attendance sheets are misplaced or damaged. By implementing a web-based attendance system, administrative officers can monitor personnel attendance in real-time and maintain accurate attendance records.

Rozzdale Braynt Paler  coded the Online Registration System to profile or register the city’s residents. It stores personal information securely and can be accessed by authorized barangay officials. The profiling is a critical factor in connecting to the Integrated Barangay Management Information System which allows citizens to request basic services without physically going to their respective barangays, and it also enables easy tracking of requests and updates on their status. In summary, it aims to provide online profiling to the barangay system to improve the delivery of basic services to citizens while promoting efficiency and convenience.

Franz Jeff Dignos developed the Online Ticketing System which is a web and mobile application that allows customers to easily submit service requests, which are automatically routed to the Computer Hardware and Software Servicing Section for processing. The system eliminates the need for client request form, and provides real-time tracking of service requests and detailed reporting capabilities. It is a powerful management tool that can be used by all 26 departments and programs of the city government to provide top-quality customer service and maximize efficiency and productivity.

Caparos, Paler, and Ria used Dart/Flutter to develop their app while Dignos utilized the power of PHP on Laravel framework. Daryl Gorra (Computer Programmer) of the City Mayor’s Office - ICT Division actively and patiently directed the training and coaching of the above four students in using Dart-Flutter and HFP-Laravel to successfully achieve the system’s output. 

Kenn Patrick N. Cañoniyo  started the development of the Persons with Disabilities Information System which is a software solution designed specifically to manage information related to persons with disabilities. It offers a range of features, including user-friendly interfaces, powerful customization options, and automated data entry. This system eliminates the need for manual data entry and enables organizations to better understand the needs of this population, allowing them to provide more targeted and effective services.

Jade O. Laguna and Reggie Chavez  enhanced the The Motorized Banca Franchising Information System was originally developed by the City Mayor's Office - ICTD to streamline the registration process for motorized boats. It offers applicants an online platform to input their information, eliminating the need for physical registration. The City Agriculturist's Office profiles applicants and determines fees, while the Business Permits and Licensing Office handles permits and licenses. The system also provides a user-friendly interface for staff to input and update data, as well as track boat registrations and renewals. 

Cañoniyo,  Chavez, and  Laguna developed their own systems using PHP with CodeIgniter framework under the coaching and mentorship of Celso Genive (Computer Programmer) of CMO-ICTD. While June Rose F. Cabading acted as the project manager of the group. 

Zyvie C. Dela Peña assisted the division in enhancing the Integrated Barangay Information System (IBMIS) earlier developed by their fellow trainees from NDDU . 

Mitch Abegael C. Dayon  developed a Shoppee-like merchandising app for the City General Services Office to show goods and supplies that are on stock. 

Mark Junnies G. Narido (Data Controller) and the lead programmer of CMO-ICTD trained Peña and Dayon to complete their assigned tasks.

Angelyn Arcoba Ator  and Chungmi Marie Lozano  crafted learning modules using free “no-code” CRUD app. The tandem tapped the “AppSmith” and “Budibase” as the most applicable app developer for those who opt to use no-code scheme. 

Angelo D. Nablo  researched on various forms of electronic dashboarding tools like “Tableua”, “Geekoboard”, and Google Sheets.

Ator, Lozano, and Nablo also added two quality assurance test tools namely: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 and Google's Core Web Vitals.  These new tools will be featured in a separate report.

The three researchers were under the direct supervision of Percival Pasuelo, IT Officer II and Division Chief of the CMO-ICTD. 

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