The CMO - ICT Division is currently rebuilding its four components of IT/ICT development namely the hardware, software, peopleware, and dataware components. With this, may we request all departments, CMO divisions, the special bodies, and other PPA-based offices to fill-out your office’s INFORMATION SYSTEMS INVENTORY. This will be presented to Hon. Lorelie G. Pacquiao in establishing the baseline data of LGU-GSC’s ICT status. This will guide ICTD in its drive towards implementing different electronic government (e-gov) services towards GSC’s digital transformation.

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1 City Mayor'S Office
2 City Accountant'S Office
3 City Administrator'S Office
4 City Agriculturist'S Office
5 City Assesor'S Office
6 City Budget Office
7 City Economic Management, Cooperative And Development Office
8 City Enginneer'S Office
9 City Environment And Natural Resources Office
10 City General Services Office
11 City Health Office
12 City Housing And Land Management Office
13 City Internal Audit Services
14 City Legal Office
15 City Planning And Development Office
16 City Population Management Office
17 City Social Welfare And Development Office
18 City Treassurer'S Office
19 City Veterenarian'S Office
20 Doctor Jorge P. Royeca Hospital
21 Human Resource Management And Development Office
22 Local Civil Registrar'S Office
23 Public Safety Office
24 Office Of The Building Official
25 Sangguniang Panlunsod
26 Waste Management Office